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EcoVillages and Migration

Welcome to another journey exploring sustainable worlds!

In this storytellers episode we will know Robert Hall's perspective about the different types of migration and how EcoVillage movement can work with different kind of migrants, challenges and opportunities, and how transition movement can cooperate into their integration.

Was really nice meeting Robert in a conference in our city, in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal and it's amazing how can we help each other and integrate through different movements!

We hope you enjoyed this video!

Transitioning Abroad: Storytellers Project

This video comes from the Guest Editor Application to the Transition Network Storytellers Calling.
You can see the full article on the TN here: https://transitionnetwork.org/news-and-blog/exploring-sustainable-worlds-migration/
To know more about this project please check our introductory video: https://youtu.be/OJ8hFWo76tE

We will be posting weekly videos about migration movements, challenges and opportunities, in the next months.

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Eco-hugs and see you in the next sustainable journey ;)

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