terça-feira, 11 de julho de 2017

Santorso in Transizione

Welcome to another journey exploring sustainable worlds!

We met Giulio in Italy, on the International Transition Network HubsGathering, and asked him how transition movement started in Santorso.

Giulio is one of the founders of the Santorso Transition Initiative and he will share his journey with us, how this initiative started and how it took the first steps.

He talks about the importance of connecting to our needs, the cultural density in our neighborhood and the activities the initiative has. The challenges with the municipalities and public institutions.

He says we need a cultural transformation before solar panels, local economy, or food.

We hope you enjoyed this video and maybe inspired you to start your own initiative, or join to an existing one!

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Eco-hugs and see you in the next sustainable journey ;)

Raquel & Daniel


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