junho 29, 2017

Transitioning Abroad: Storytellers Project

We are very happy to say that we've been awarded a position in the Transition Network Storytellers Calling!!!

Storytellers Project Introduction
So, we embraced this storytellers project from July to December, interviewing different kind of people and movements.
This will help us to better understand the migration phenomenon around the world, the impacts on the local communities and on the expats lives. We hope to find and share communities with good practices of integration, to promote network between expats and the local communities, and hopefully to inspire other projects around the world.
See the video following the link: https://youtu.be/OJ8hFWo76tE

Santorso in Transizione
We met Giulio in Italy, on the International Transition Network HubsGathering, and asked him how transition movement started in Santorso.
Giulio is one of the founders of the Santorso Transition Initiative and he will share his journey with us, how this initiative started and how it took the first steps.
He talks about the importance of connecting to our needs, the cultural density in our neighborhood and the activities the initiative has. The challenges with the municipalities and public institutions.
He says we need a cultural transformation before solar panels, local economy, or food.
See the video following the link: https://youtu.be/TKAT18GBR54

EcoVillages and Migration
In this storytellers episode we will know Robert Hall's perspective about the different types of migration and how EcoVillage movement can work with different kind of migrants, challenges and opportunities, and how transition movement can cooperate into their integration.
Was really nice meeting Robert in a conference in our city, in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal and it's amazing how can we help each other and integrate through different movements!
See the video following the link: https://youtu.be/wFYIkz2FG8s

Creativity, Art and Migration
In this storytellers episode, Lynn from Netherlands will share with us how creativity, art and theater improvisation can integrate people in a multicultural environment.
Also, how Portugal is a choice for dutch expats for a more sustainable lifestyle, closer to the nature and to themselves.
Really seems that a culture shift is the only way for the society to evolve and build a sustainable world for everyone.
See the video following the link: https://youtu.be/2btQHx1c3Io

Migration in Latin America
In this Storytellers episode we will listen about Migration in Latin America, Mexico and Brasil realities, from Anhai and Isabela perspectives.
So, they will tell us the different types of immigrants, social support they have on their countries for this phenomenon, and creative solutions for the problems caused by migration.
For me, there are two important ideas that I keep from this video, about this type of migration: Assistentialism is not a response for this phenomenon! And if people are able to find creative solutions on their country, they are not forced to leave. So, maybe the social projects can also focus more on this subject.
See the video following the link: https://youtu.be/Vy4qxY3hk4E

Migration in Luxembourg and Romania
In this Storytellers episode we will talk about two countries with a strong connection with Portugal.
Katy, from Luxembourg, will share with us some projects that try to create bridges between communities and different people.
Adina, from Romania, belongs to a country where people are leaving in search for a better life. She is starting a project with some colleagues, with a different approach to this phenomenon: more deeper and holistic.
Migration brings different religious, classes, languages, and the parallel worlds need to connect. And it's really important of being aware of the fact that we are all connected.
So, I repeat Adina question: "How are we approaching the other?"
See the video following the link: https://youtu.be/UIvVeUisWPc

Italy Refugees Response
When I was in Italy, in May of this year, was recommended to speak to the Mayor of Santorso, because this Village is a good example of receiving immigrants and integrate them. And also Jessica, a Brazilian girl who is working in a refugees center in south of Italy.
Thankfully we've met them, and they gave us a deep overview of this subject.

Italy has been receiving a lot of refugees for some years, already saved a lot of people on the sea, but has no system to integrate them after that...
Numbers are growing every year, we can not stop it, so we need an Europe model to respond to this.
Italy could host a lot more new people, if every single town host. And if more countries adopt this system, we could manage this flow of immigrants and the emergency could become an opportunity. If it's only some towns of a few countries doing this job, the emergency situations are all the time coming and the system will collapse for everyone...

Seems seeing diversity as a problem and the afraid of loosing the richness are the biggest barriers that we need to overtake for a more fair and shared world...
See the video following the link: https://youtu.be/Nbw7Jr6WsLo

About us
We are a couple, Daniel and Raquel, and after a decade of enterprise work, we are redesigning our life project for a simpler and healthier lifestyle, more close to the nature and ourselves. So, we are a couple in transition :)
We now work remotely for an online advertising portal specialized in lands that cry for regeneration.
Being involved with the Portuguese Transition movement, and being facilitators for foreigners who want to start living a sustainable life on the land in Portugal, we help them to connect and integrate with Portuguese sustainable initiatives. This way, dynamising the Transition vitality between local-national-international, and among movements in Portugal.

To follow our experiences
We have a blog and a YouTube channel where you can follow our experiences and own transformation.

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Eco-hugs and see you in the next sustainable journey ;)

Raquel & Daniel


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